About me

Hi! I'm Spencer.

I'm currently a junior at Rice studying Computer Science and Business, and Co-President of the Computer Science Club. I'll be working at Airbnb in San Francisco this upcoming summer as a Software Engineering Intern and KPCB Engineering Fellow. If you want to get in touch then, I'd love to hear from you!

I love discovering how things work, and I'm interested in cracking tough product problems to create value for users and leveraging data to understand human behavior and eliminate inefficiencies. One of my passions is tackling previously unsolved problems and discovering ways to innovate old methods. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, finding the best hole-in-the-wall food spots, reading about psychology/technology/economics/design, and trying my best to learn how to take photos. I can most likely be bribed with sushi or boba.

Check out my LinkedIn/Github/Blog/Reading List/Resume at the bottom or email me about anything if you have questions!

My Projects

Below are some of the projects that I've worked on recently! You can also find my resume here

  • Airbnb

    Working on Trips Platform on the graph infrastructure to enable easy traversal by location and surfacing insights about what is uniquea about specific locations.

    I also wrote a blog post about the Knowledge Graph service and my project for the summer on the Airbnb Engineering Blog, so check it out if you're interested in some of the underlying technical details!!

  • Nuclei Detection (Data Science Bowl 2018)

    I worked on automatically detecting nuclei in medical images in order to improve cancer detection. This was an open competition, and I worked a lot with various state of the art computer vision techniques like Mask R-CNN and U-Net. I also created an end-to-end pipeline to train various models and predict on the test images.

  • Square Capital

    I worked on the end-to-end process for partners to upload cashflow and merchant data for Square Capital to offer loans to their customers. This involved working with protecting personal information, processing data on Google Cloud, and designing a flexible API to enable automation in the future.

    Update: It's been released! Check it out here

  • Chorus (Top 10 at HackMIT 2017)

    Chorus is a collaborative way for strangers to create music together. Users can individually start and add to music pieces, forming collages of diverse musical styles from across the world. Each measure of music illustrates the perspective of a single individual, but together, a story emerges, demonstrating the profound impact of small actions.

    Check out the deployed app here!

  • Rice Self Driving

    Worked with a team of 2 to create a model that would predict steering angles for self driving cars. Intended to replicate results found in the open source Udacity competition for building a self driving car.

  • Hurricane Harvey Analysis

    I worked for Rice's Provost to analyze data on a Rice community needs assessment in order to quickly identify what actions were needed to relieve pressure brought on by the storm from staff, faculty, and students.